Aurora-IS-aux: DJI Inspire Auxiliary Case

by PanzerCases
Save £77.00

Can be used in conjunction with the removable inserts from the Aurora-IS-FT and Aurora-IS-T

A convenient addition to DJI Inspire transportation allowing more space as necessary. Carrying the X5 camera if needed as well as the battery insert from the Aurora IS cases (available separately if required). All housed in an IP67 rated, heavy-duty Panzer Case and supported in high quality EVA form that is waterproof, fire retardant and electrically non-conductive. Convenience paired with quality and cost effectiveness.

Case Specifications

  • External Dimensions: 479 x 415 x 217mm
  • Internal Dimensions: 448 x 345 x 186mm
  • Weight: 6.5 Kg
  • Volume: 28.5L

For full case specification please see the Centurion 28.5 model case.