Aurora-IS-ft: DJI Inspire Flight & Travel Case

by PanzerCases
Save £233.58

The Ultimate in DJI Inspire 1 transportation in either landing or travel mode – you choose. Everything you need for dual operation in one place. Both X3 and X5 cameras, tablets, controllers, batteries and much more. Housed in an IP67 rated heavy duty Panzer Case, and supported in high quality EVA foam that is waterproof, fire retardant and electrically non-conductive.

To make life easier when necessary, the battery compartment is also interchangeable with the accessories compartment in the IS-Aux case (available separately) leaving you with the choice and freedom to mix and match to suit you.

Key Benefits

  • DJI Inspire in either travel or flight mode
  • X3 Camera can be either attached or stored in its box
  • X5 Camera storage in box
  • Storage for C3 and X5 cameras at the same time
  • Storage for 2 transmitters
  • Storage for 2 x 10” tablets
  • Interchangeable battery compartment with storage for 6 batteries
  • Additional storage for charger, transmitter harness, or cables, tools, FPV Goggles or any other misc. items
  • 8 x Prop Storage
  • Removable battery compartment for use with the Aurora – IS-Aux Case

Case Specifications

  • External Dimensions: 851 x 556 x 429mm
  • Internal Dimensions: 763 x 483 x 402mm
  • Weight: 22 Kg

For full case specifications please see the Conqueror 154 model case.