Aurora-IS-t: DJI Inspire Travel Case

by PanzerCases
Save £150.03

The Ultimate in DJI Inspire 1 transportation in travel mode. Everything you need for dual operation in one place. Both X3 and X5 cameras, tablets, controllers, batteries and much more. Housed in an IP67 rated, heavy-duty Panzer Case and supported in High quality EVA foam that is waterproof, fire retardant and electrically non-conductive. 

To make life easier when necessary, the battery compartment is interchangeable with the accessories compartment in the IS-Aux case (available separately) leaving you with the choice and freedom to mix and match to suit you.

Key Benefits

  • Smaller case designed to take the DJI Inspire in travel mode only
  • Interchangeable battery compartment
  • Storage for 6 batteries
  • X3 Camera storage in box
  • X5 Camera storage in box
  • Storage for C3 and X5 cameras at the same time
  • Additional storage for charge, transmitter harness, or cables, tools, FPV Goggles or any other misc. items
  • Storage for 2 x 10” tablets or IPads
  • Storage for 2 transmitters
  • 8 x Prop Storage
  • Removable battery compartment for use with the Aurora – IS-aux Case


  • External Dimensions: 851 x 556 x 325mm
  • Internal Dimensions: 763 x 483 x 302mm
  • Weight: 16 Kg

For the full case specification see the Conqueror 113 model case.