Fire Maple 'Star X2' Personal Cooking System

by Fire Maple
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Fire Maple 'Star X2' Personal Cooking System

The Fire Maple Star X2 is an integrated cooking system that combines both a high heating efficiency and windproof capacity.  The FMS-X2 is an improvement on the FMS-X1 model and is also slightly larger.

The Star FMS-X2 cooking system comprises a heat exchanger at the base of the pot which improves the heating efficiency by approximately 30%, both reducing the time taken to boil water and reducing the amount of fuel required.  The pot also comes with an insulated sleeve which prevents heat loss and further improves the heating efficiency of the system. Designed specifically for high-altitude use.

Compatible with any Fire Maple brand cookware, pots and stoves.


  • Model: FM-STAR X2
  • Material: Aluminium alloy
  • Fuel: Butane/Propane gas cannister
  • Capacity: 1 L
  • Weight: 600g
  • Size: 133mm diameter x 205mm high when packed
  • Size: 254mm diameter x 265mm high when open
  • Power output: 2200W
  • Colours: Orange
  • Includes a built-in ignition device